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Combination Inhalers


For the patients' ease of use, pharmaceutical companies have combined certain medications into a single inhaler. This allows a synergistic effect, two medications working together to open the airways, or at least preventing the symptoms from getting any worse. There are essentially two kinds of these combination inhalers, long-acting beta-agonist with a inhaled corticosteroid, which is a preventative therapy, and ipratropium with albuterol, which is preventative as well, but can also be used as a rescue inhaler.

Long-acting beta agonist with corticosteroid

  1. Salmeterol / Fluticasone (Advair)
  2. Formeterol /Budesonide (Symbicort)
  3. Formeterol /Mometasone (Dulera)

Ipratropium with albuterol

  1. Albuterol /Ipratropium (Combivent)


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