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Back Pain Specialist

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Back pain is a leading cause of disability. It can arise due to an accident, sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, lifestyle habits, or disease. At CPI Physicians in Albany, New York, Abul Azad, MD, and Najiib Azad, DO, evaluate your back issues and offer a customized treatment plan to help resolve your pain quickly, so you can get back to a high quality of life. Call today for an appointment or book online if you have back pain that persists and interferes with your daily life.

Back Pain Q&A

Why do I have back pain?

Back pain can arise due to a number of causes. A fall or other accident can cause back pain that comes on suddenly and lasts just a few days or weeks. 

If you make repetitive movements or engage in frequent heavy lifting, you may strain a muscle or ligament in your back and experience pain. A one-time incident, for example, lifting a heavy object using improper form or twisting awkwardly, can also be responsible.

If you experience back pain that appears for no obvious reason, it may be due to a medical condition such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bulging or herniated disc
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Vertebral compression fractures
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease

If you have unexplained back pain, make an appointment at CPI Physicians for a thorough evaluation that includes a physical exam and diagnostic tests.

When should I see a doctor for my back pain?

Back pain can resolve with home care, but if you have severe pain that’s interfering with your work and daily activities, it’s time to seek help. Make an appointment at CPI Physicians if:

  • Your pain is severe and doesn’t improve 
  • The pain goes down your legs past your knees
  • You experience tingling, numbness, or weakness in your lower extremities
  • You lose weight without a clear explanation

Your doctor performs a thorough review of your symptoms, medical history, and current health helps to determine the cause of your back pain and direct treatment.

What are treatments for back pain?

To evaluate your back pain, your doctor may order MRIs, X-rays, blood tests, bone scans, and nerve tests. These tests help them diagnose your pain and rule out certain conditions.

Depending on the cause of your back pain, your doctor may recommend:

  • Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Steroid, epidural, or nerve block injections to reduce inflammation
  • Physical therapy or massage referrals

No single treatment works in all cases of back pain. The team at CPI Physicians works with you to customize a treatment plan that relieves your discomfort and gets you back to doing the things you enjoy.

Call CPI Physicians for relief from back pain or schedule a consultation online today.